Foto FernandaFull PHD position

Fernanda Alquini is a Brazilian PhD student with a scholarship in the Department Earth Science from University of Pisa, Italy (2013 - 2016). She has a Master’s Degree in Environmental and Regional Development from University to the State Development and the Pantanal Region, Brazil (2006 - 2008) and a graduation in Biological Sciences from University of Joinville, Brazil (2000 - 2004). She has worked as an environmental consultant (2008 – 2012) with the elaboration of environmental projects for certain enterprises in order properly environmental certifications. From 2010 – 2013, she has worked as a professor at the Catholic University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, with subjects of Brazilian Environmental Legislation and Management. Currently she works on the Prevention of Natural Disasters, Development of a Coastal Dune Vulnerability Index for the Mediterranean and Oceanic ecosystems in the Brazilian and Italian coastlines. Areas of interest are related to coastal processes, vulnerability analysis, risk prevention, coastal geomorphology, land management and coastal ecology.


- Address: Earth Sciences Department - University of Pisa, Via S.Maria 53 Pisa Tuscany 56124 Italy

Phone: +39 - 050 2215700